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Chipping & Site Clearance

We are able to complete a full site/garden clearance service. This could include the removal of hedges, vegetation, trees and self-seeded saplings, shrubs, invasive/problematic climbing plants and brash, which would then be chipped.  The resultant chippings by prior agreement could then either be left on site or removed.  We find that in some cases, where a new development is imminent, Contractors would store the bark chip to be laid onto new garden areas at a later date, or for domestic customers, they decide to retain the bark chippings to use as mulch on flower beds etc.


Included within the above was Stump Removal, this is particularly important on sites as we are finding that more and more contractors are requesting stump removal on a site where historically large stumps were simply dragged out of the ground using heavy plant and equipment. This invariably left a large stump to be disposed of together with a massive gaping hole in the ground.


In the case of large sites or where sites have been demolished all of our equipment is capable of working within a rough terrain. I.e. tracked elevated platforms and tractor mounted chippers.
Our chipping services are generally utilised by existing forestry contractors who have no chipping machines or simply by individuals having removed foliage or trees that require chipping. In this case we will attend site with a chipping machine and chip all material, this would be based on an hourly rate. The chip can either be left on site or removed.


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