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Tree Work

Works can be completed to trees in many ways.  Please see below the most common descriptions and what they mean:

Crown Lifting – this removes all soft growth and lower limbs of trees to improve the passage of traffic, to increase light levels to the ground, or to clear structures.



Crown Reduction –  is defined as the reduction of the complete outline dimension of the canopy, from the tips of the limbs and branches towards the main trunk, by pruning growth to an appropriately sized lateral branch, twig or bud to leave a flowing silhouette. In addition, all soft growth from the tree’s trunk is removed from those trees being subject to crown reduction.



Crown Thinning – removes the branches within the crown of the tree to reduce the sail effect, and improve natural light levels. This helps lessen the impact of mature trees in small gardens.



Dead Wooding and Crown Cleaning –  the main aim of carrying out such an operation is to remove dead diseased and damaged branches.  In doing so, this improves the health of tree but also helps to improve public safety and to eliminate the liability of said owner of the tree.

Felling – is defined as the cutting down of a tree or shrub to a point as close to ground level as is reasonably practical to leave a stump.

Pollarding – is described as the removal of all tree growth of a tree back to the main stem to the height above the ground specified in the schedule of works, with the objective of producing a quantity of vigorous shoots from the bole.



Pruning – The cutting away of unwanted and unnecessary parts of the tree.

Removal of Dangerous Trees – Most trees that become dangerous do so due to a lack of good management and slowly become a liability. It is vital that we protect our dwindling stocks of mature trees and carrying out proactive tree work can only help to protect our trees.  Removal of dangerous trees is a highly skilled task which we perform using specialist equipment, which is essential to the safety of property/persons.

Tree Reductions – we undertake this task using modern best practice guidelines. Generally, we reduce trees only where it is needed i.e. where a canopy has suffered severe damage and reducing it will help to re-balance the crown. Another instance is where a tree is veteranised – this is where a veteran or ancient tree is in a state where its canopy is reduced to improve the trees viability.

Tree Stump Removal – we grind out hundreds of tree stumps each year, using two stump grinding machines. Our main work horse is a self-propelled machine which will grind away any stump we put in front of it. It has the capacity to gain access to most gardens or sites due to its self-propelled ability as well as only having a width of 89cm.If access is even less we can call upon the smaller grinder which is no larger than a standard lawn mower which will reach and grind any stump.

Hedge Cutting –  we offer a hedge cutting service be it a small privet hedge row all the way through to large over grown conifer hedges. We are more than capable of taming any wayward hedges and bringing them back to manageable heights/widths.

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